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877-781-9001 | 954-781-7815 | 561-392-9777

Call: 877-781-9001 | 954-781-7815 | 561-392-9777
Or Text: 954-781-7815
Hours of Operation:
8:00am-11:00pm Monday to Friday
Saturday and Sunday Limited Hours Based on Tour Schedule.


We at Flawless understand that things come up and at times cancellations need to be made. However, like any business, We do enforce a cancellation policy. We require a 2 hour notice for cancelation. It is simple, Should you cancel your appointment time last minute, or miss/no-show your appointment altogether, then you will be required to pay a $50 cancellation fee for the time which had been set aside for you the next time you use our service. This fee will need to be paid before we will arrange a booking with you again, NO EXCEPTIONS!!